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The group is specialized at building long-term strategic partnerships with the companies around the world ensuring continuous and long-lasting success of entrepreneurs, facilitating growth, innovation and hence high returns. MBK Holding focus on digital technology, natural resources, and high-tech industries. The firm have global access to talented and outstanding entrepreneurs to develop management teams and build substantial market-leading enterprises around them. With the team of experienced professionals and industry experts, MBK Holding emphasis on the below offering to its customers, partners and other stake holders.


Focus on providing growth services that help run business, while minimizing the obstacles to allow entrepreneurs to focus on the development of their idea.


Our vision is to work with talented and outstanding entrepreneurs to develop management teams and build substantial business enterprises around them.


Entrepreneurs do not view us as typical venture capitalists, they view us as partners and fellow executives helping them build market-leading companies.










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Fazil Rahim

Ayman Adhair

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Fazil Rahim

Ayman Adhair

Nazmath Nazeer

Kristian Feldborg

Ali Al Saada


An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a group of interconnected and specialized organizations working together for the benefit of its partners as well as for the community. Entrepreneurs are most successful when they have access to the human, financial and pro- fessional resources they need, and operate in an environment in which the support ecosystem encourage and safeguard them.

MBK Holding has full expertise in Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building which takes care of all elements of a global Entrepreneurial ecosystem, namely, Corporate leadership and management structure , Foster a collaborative culture, attract and inspire great talent, Wid- ening the network, Boost access to financing options & Embrace a bottom-up mindset.

Around the world, there are entrepreneurs who strive to create solutions. Some of them are small and niche, unique to their environment, and few others are relatively bigger, more universal in their approach and market segment. Globally, the initia- tives that are scalable and venture backable gain most visibility, but others need great amount of support to propel forward. They need ecosystem builders to help them navigate more effectively. MBK has the specialised and skilled team who can sup- port such entrepreneurs with the following

  • Strategic Partnership Identification and Management
  • Global Leadership Policy Dialog
  • Monetization and Benefits Realization
  • Talent Identification and Exchange

With our unique VC-as-a-Service offering, MBK acts as your VC arm, amplifying the reach, leverage and success of your VC program. This model, known as Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS), provides an optimal mix of capital and business value to start-ups and corporations by combining strategic alignment, goal-based sourcing, and access to networks of corporate funds.

Venture Capital as a Service helps investors access Venture Capital by finding them the most innovative start-ups for investments based on specific mandates. VCaaS provides institutional VC grade process to sourcing, investment and portfolio management all while facilitating learning and collaboration.

Start-ups with Unique Ideas, experience, Strong & Dependable Team, Growth Potential and defensible Business Model will be greatly benefited by this services from MBK Holding since we have core competence to drive the investment strategy while keeping both the financial and strategic needs in mind.

Start-ups boost the economy with revolutionary technology and create new industries over time. When these start-ups go public, they truly become money-making engines for not just the owners but also for the employees and shareholders; Start-ups also contribute in changing the image of the country. Performance management and improvement is critical for start-ups. A well-designed performance management framework and a system can enable start-ups thrive in a dynamic business environment as well as institutionalize practices that enable high performance, growth and employee engagement.

Irrespective of whether you have just gotten the new company up and running or you have been in business for a while, there’s always room for performance improvement. The fundamentals of success are the characteristics of individuals and teams, partner investors, the market, and the speed at which everything evolves. Start-up’s business environment is loaded with uncertainty, which is evident from the fact that over eighty per cent of software start-ups fail. This makes it most critical and relevant to have a reliable team who can mentor and guide the start-ups to success.

MBK Holding has been extending performance improvement support to start-ups through Mentorship, Market Access, Technology support, Talent Outsourcing & Backoffice Support to achieve their ambitions and objectives. This is a very unique strength that team MBK holding has demonstrated and proved in the past.

Digital transformation marks a rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people, and processes in pursuit of new business models and new revenue streams, which is mandated by changes in customer expectations around products and services.

MBK Holding drives the digital transformation with corporate and business houses to support them in reducing costs, improving productivity, providing a better customer experience, and ensuring governance and compliance. We also help the organisations to formulate the digital transformation strategy in remodelling the enterprise to incorporate digital technology across appropriate sides to achieve elements from greater efficiencies and collaboration to improving delivery speed and customer satisfaction.

MBK experts work closely with the organisations to equip them for Process Transformation, Business Model Transformation, Domain Transformation & Cultural/Organizational Transformation. We use our own proven methodologies , software solutions and tools to provide maximum benefits to our customers. The below are the main direct & indirect resources that we use for the digital transformation journey with the customers;

  • Digital Solutions (ERP, CRM, Custom Development)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation

(Tokenization, Advanced Analytics, AI, Deep Learning, IoT)

Ultimately, the objective of innovation, collaboration, experience, Infrastructure Modernization, Operational Excellence , and information & Insights and the key differentiators that are provided to the stake holders by MBK's professionals through the digital transformation initiates.




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